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Who are our Members?


Sure, if you catch us on a gameday we may look a bit disheveled, we might cheer a little too loud, and you might hear one or two of us wish a fate worse than death on Gene Chizik or even Lee Corso, but remember that many of us have been through it all with the Tide, good years and bad, and that what unites us all is an uncompromising love for the University of Alabama.

Made up of alumni, students, family, and fans, Tally Tide members believe in supporting both the incredible athletic powerhouse that is the Crimson Tide and the impressive academic mission of the University of Alabama. Won’t you come join us?


Standard Membership Levels


  • $35 — Family Membership
  • $25 — Single Membership


Membership Advantages


Starting with the Kick-off off each August the Tally Tide gather all season long for game-watching parties at Finnegan’s Wake Irish Pub in Midtown (check the Events page for up to date info), and host a Holiday/SEC Championship Banquet. Come spring, the group takes some much needed rest from scheduled activities, but may reconvene for March Madness, and the NCAA World Series, and whenever local sporting events require a little “rammer jammer yellow hammer”!


Members will receive raffle tickets that may be used at anytime through the year, be eligible for exclusive member-only giveaways, and will receive a Tally Tide t-shirt per membership.


Tally Tide members and their children are also given first priority in the selection process of the Tallahassee BAMA Chapter Scholarship, awarded annually to the Big Bend/South Georgia area student attending or accepted to the University of Alabama.


The Membership Year (May 1st — April 31st)


The membership year primarily follows the fall and spring semester, and resets come summertime. At the end of April, all members will be given a sixty day grace period during which they may renew membership for the following year, and new members will be taken again starting in July and into the fall.





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