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About Us

Who are the Tally Tide?


Officially, we are the  University of Alabama’s Alumni Association Tallahassee Chapter, but that handle’s a little unwieldy for polite conversation. We tried calling ourselves the UAAATC, but no one could agree on how long to hold the “A”.  Of course, the name is a little misleading as our members include some fans and family who never attended UA. Not to mention members who drive from all over the Big Bend area to join us for game watching parties.


So, call us the Tally Tide.


We are a group of like-minded supporters of the Crimson Tide both on the field and in the classroom. Our alumni make up the core of the group, with more than 700 families across the Big Bend and South Georgia, but ours isn’t an exclusive club. We welcome anyone and everyone with a love of the University of Alabama and an understanding of the incredible traditions and reputation for excellence that our alma mater represents.


Sure, you can call some of us fanatics.


Alabama fans know that you can’t support a team half the time, you need to be in it for the long hall, and while times in Tuscaloosa have been good of late, there’s not a one of us who hasn’t seen the lows that accompany these highs. We love our school and our teams and we hold them to the standard that we know they are capable of achieving.


So, call on us this fall.


We’ll be having fun at Finnegan’s Wake in the Manor at Midtown until we let folks know otherwise. On game days you can expect to find a group of us cheering and chanting at the Irish Pub. To find us, visit us here at tallytide.com, on facebook, or drive up Thomasville Road and when you hit third avenue roll down the window and listen, you’ll hear us.


If not, just call out Roll Tide!










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